“Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else” – Vince Lombardi

Introductory Month

The Introductory Month gives you the opportunity to try out any class you like at any of our locations at a very affordable price. The classes we provide are either Cross Training or Barre depending on the location or what you’re looking for. Cross training you say?! Our Cross Training classes are made up compound movements and happily named as the ‘Smash & Burn,’ ‘The Power Hour,’ ‘or the ‘Ultimate Pump.’ These are all equipment based classes featuring Kettlebells, Barbells, Dumb Bells, Physio Balls, Resistance Bands, Battle Ropes and so much more! Aside cross training you’re also welcome to try our COGO Barre Belle’s Club at our Dalhousie location. Our Barre classes are a combination of YOGA, Pilates, and Ballet and are taught by two very different styled young ladies who come from to very different backgrounds. So come get strong, come get long and lean; and have a little fun on the way!

Intelligent Training

We put technique before weights and intensity so that your progression is safe, healthy and fun, when in a Personal Training environment. We know Personal training can be expensive so we’ve devised a training format that will help keep your money in the bank. and Depending on your skill level or training experience we will match you with a small group of likeminded individuals. This gives you the same service of personalized training but in an affordable group environment. You will still have your program and you will follow it under the guidance of a certified professional guaranteeing you results under a safe and friendly training environment. Come checkout our successful and safe programming methods and hit your goals faster.

Stay Healthy My Friends

My sign off in blogs, or even letters to friends, family or clients alike was written to inspire quality of life! A healthy mind, body, and soul is the simplest way to prolong those special moments with the special people in your life; that’s right, what’s more important than family, friends, and the people that bring happiness to your life? At COGO Fitness + Performance we share positive experiences, recipes, and activities that bring us new people or keep our special circle strong and together. Let our family become part of your family and let us show you why you chose us as your fitness company. Until then; ‘Stay healthy my friends…’



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