Franco Gomez cogo fitness and performance Home Page IMG 1102My love for sports and fitness was what brought me from one industry I worked in, to the one I love. After a few personal injuries and a long hard look at my career in construction, I decided it was time to make a change in my life, start my own company and pursue a career in fitness. I continued my education and graduated from Mount Royal University with a Personal Fitness Trainer Certification in 2012 and I’ve never looked back. My desire to pursue my passion for movement is what drives me daily and I’m dedicated to creating a culture within COGO Fitness + Performance that’s simple and described by one statement; “Performance Is For Life.” This simple statement is what I prmote, and why I train people. I’ve created a movement that pushes personal boundaries physically and mentally in a positive fashion to improve each and everyone of your personal journeys. I want COGO Fitness + Performance to debunk fads and instead become the new fad where science can once again inspire people to engage in physical activity. I’ve never forgotten where I’m from, or how hard I’ve worked to get here because I embody the very movement I promote. Come for a session and start creating habits; until then, stay healthy my friends.