Franco Gomez cogo fitness and performance Home Page IMG 1102I believe in life there’s moments of  reinvention, a search for passion per say. We take stock of our lives and wonder how do we realize our dreams and potential. That was me 6 years ago when I made the decision to create a company that provides fitness and performance to those that want more of their daily health, or just need that little push to improve who they are. Six years later, I sat back and decided it’s time for another change, another reinvention of what COGO Fitness + Performance is and what performance for life stands for; performance for life is a mantra. it asks of you as an individual, “where in your life do you need to improve?” Every person that walks through our doors has a very different outlook as to what they need to improve in their lives. Whether it’s job performance, family time, or something as simple as improving your performance in your preferred club sport. Maybe it’s rehabilitation from an accident, or maybe it’s having the energy to coach your child’s soccer team, either way you need to improve your performance in life. At COGO Fitness + Performance we don’t sell fitness classes, semi-private, or Personal training; Instead I choose to help you find where your performance in your personal life needs improvement. Six years has taught me a lot about people, and one very important factor that needs a hard look in all of us, how we can improve our performance and how it is directly correlated with our health. I take a scientific look at where you stand and and together we decide what direction we’ll take in regards to improving your performance. I look forward to finding out where you want to improve, and I look forward to watching you make the changes, adopt the lifestyle, be part of a small but growing community of people who believe; ‘performance is for life.’