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Not just your average training company; I pride myself in giving you your individualized training experience. I focus programming towards what your personal needs are, and it all begins with a proper assessment which includes a Functional Movement Screen (FMS), a body composition test if necessary, a postural assessment and speed/power/strength test if you’re an athlete trying to reach milestones. COGO Fitness + Performance is dedicated to you the individual, and I set this company apart by laying the systems and foundations that allow us to work together to reach the milestones you desire which may be fitness or performance.

I specialize in the specifics of Personal Training, Online Performance Coaching, and of course Semi-Private training with groups no larger than four individuals. I established COGO Fitness + Performance and began training clients as a company since 2011, and was lucky to start my career as an athletic coach. I’ve had the pleasure of training the youth of Calgary and specialized with such disciplines as Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Football, as well as the competitive martial arts; I even go as far programming my athletes based on positions they play not just cookie cutter exercises. I’ve also moved into the rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, and certified to teach Rock Steady Boxing for the Parkinson’s community. I pride myself in researching my clients so that I can serve you with the very best programming possible.

At COGO Fitness + Performance I preach one mantra and that’s ‘Performance is for Life.’ I believe that every individual is meant to succeed if they apply this statement to their daily activities. Performance fits into all aspects of what you do, and it will separate you as well as ascend you to the higher echelon you would like to reach. Don’t hesitate; start now and you’ll see what’s missing in your life to give you the edge necessary to improve your daily performance.

Set your milestones, experience the training, and remember that winning means you’ll work harder than the rest.