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Be yourself, everyone else is taken

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Oscar Wilde once wrote,”Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

I stop think; what were the self image problems of that time in comparison to today to make such a bold statement?

As I scour the internet for a good article to read in relation to training, movement, and health I see a lot of “Laudanum” being sold everywhere I stop! That ever potent snake oil sold by a new age snake charmers and I think to myself; wait this isn’t the wild west! This isn’t the 19th century where alchemy competes with real medicine!

Nope, this is the the 21st century and yet the snake charmers of today aren’t much different, they’re self helpers with no back up proof trying to give you the the answer you want rather then the one you need.

The truth is the brands representing protein powders, fat burners, and any other ridiculous diet of the week limiting you to 800 Kcal/day, is not sold because there’s too many frauds in this world that are willing to sell you these products. NOOOO! It’s because there’s too many people willing to buy said products or services believing that there’s an easier way then training, eating right, and getting a great sleep!

It’s because there’s too many out there who are still looking for the ever elusive fountain of youth that’s filled with six packs and biceps; I don’t like mine so let me try that one on for size! Looking at this situation in our society, I’d say Oscar Wilde was on to something. I’d say whatever was going on in his world probably wasn’t too far from ours.

Looking back at my company and clients, it’s taken some of them a long time to realize after training for years with me that there’s more to reaching your goals then a bootcamp 2 or 3 times a week. There’s a discipline that follows the training;
1. there’s a good diet
2. portion control
3. breaking bad habits
4. creating good habits
5. sticking to your programs

five examples of factors involved in getting you closer to that fountain you see on the magazine racks at the grocery store, or trolling through the internet.

There’s words we cringe at in this millennial era; commitment, accountability, discipline… So on and so forth. But words we forgot were instilled in us through our parents. These aren’t words that we should run from, because these were values that were passed down to us to make us better reflections of ourselves.

At the end of the day I can’t look elsewhere for what I want, or what I want to look like. I have to dig deep within myself and venture the long hard path to achieve that holistic happiness we search for.

I run because I train for a race, I improve my cardiovascular endurance and burn a load of calories. I lift weights because I want strong muscles, tendons, ligaments, and core; so that I can stand tall and live healthy. I sleep like a bear so that I can continue training the way I do and recuperate faster. I eat with the intent of enjoying my meals, fuelling my workouts, feel healthy and at 42 keep the weight down as well. I don’t do this for any other reason, but ironically enough, the other reasons people look for just happen as well because I do these things.

I am myself, everyone else is taken…

Be happy with you, inspire others to be themselves, have a few beers on the way, and stay healthy my friends.


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2 thoughts on “Be yourself, everyone else is taken

  1. Tim Howie says:

    I like the line you chose to focus on in this entry: ”Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

    Essential to every human beings happiness, good quality of life, self respect, and self esteem is exercise. In one form or another. All educated individuals, not only doctors, know that by eating healthily & exercising regularly will regulate health concerns, back pain, arthritis, heart problems, etc. There are dozens of ailments that can and will be avoided always through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Notice I said exercise, not pill, not drink, not electronic belt, not training alone and not eating alone.

    I think one of the biggest plagues in our world today is one that society & the media feed daily. That of feeling we are not beautiful enough. Constantly we are bombarded by Botox Brittany, Supermodel Sarah, Implant Ingrid, Critical Chris, Pornographic Pete, Greedy Gus. And all of these sources demand our attention and are broadcast over the web and television, and even in newspapers and magazines. There is no escaping the world’s opinion of how we should act, look or think.

    Most importantly I think before all else it is vital that we come to know within ourselves that we can be whatever we want to become. Do not let someone else ever tell you you can’t do something, Negative Ned or Dream killer Dan have a struggle of their own and need help with their dreams and aspirations. Those statements are just as wise and thought out as washing your clothes with grape juice or drinking five aspirins with a glass of bleach. Sure you might get the dirt out, but now you have a purple load of laundry instead of the whites you put in. And sure maybe your headache is gone but now your life is in danger. Same goes with our goals: sure maybe giving up on our dreams won’t kill us or change the color of our skin but we will be stained with haunting guilt & following a path that leads to lean pleasure and poisoned hope.

    ”Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”
    Be yourself. There is no one else you can be.

    • COGOAdmin says:

      Very intuitive Tim, thank you for the read and I couldn’t agree more. I think you and Oscar Wilde would have one hell of a conversation.

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