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Who We Are

COGO Fitness + Performance has been grinding out a little piece of earth in the  Calgary health and fitness community for 6 years, and I am in the midst of serious philosophical changes in regards to group training. Our classes still maintain the same labels and intensity only now we welcome you to the new rebranding we’ve always stood for; Performance Is For Life. The only difference is I now introduce a very revolutionary type of training to enhance further your performance goals; Open Concept Training.

Open Concept Training

Is now the revolutionary norm of training at COGO Fitness + Performance. this means we continue to run our 3 foundational types of classes; The Push, The Lift and X-Training. How we differ is that these are the basic foundations of training that we use to program for individuals and each of these types of classes are available within an Open Concept Training session. Our focus is to still allow you to train in a class environment only now you get to choose the class so that we can take a more personalized approach to your training. This is combined with a quick sit down with me your trainer to evaluate what milestones we both need to reach for your success in your health and fitness. Our class descriptions are below and we ask a minimum 3 times/week of training so that you can dedicate to a new change in lifestyle. Remember folks, fitness is not a sometimes thing, it’s not a casual thing, and it’s definitely not a half assed thing; it’s an everyday thing and it’s a lifestyle.


X-Training is not a new form of training it’s actually the ongoing training given to athletes on a regular basis which usually encompasses power, speed, strength and endurance. All aspects of training that we bring to a periodized program for athletes. Our Cross Training classes will do just that but in a class environment where we’ll mix things up and you’ll be able to feel the intensity of what an athlete goes through  only you’ll do it amongst the support of your peers.

The Push is our brand of high intensity training that requires mental as well as physical toughness. This is where we push your aerobic/anaerobic endurance to the highest level of your abilities and we do it with all the equipment we can throw at you! Kettlebells, barbells, bumper plates, sandbags, rowers, sleds, and the list goes on. These classes run a little shorter to keep you in the right energy zone and still get your sweat on.

The Lift this is sequenced into actual strength and power training where we increase your athletic abilities by increasing your ability to train the weights as hard as you can handle. You will receive your own personal journal and follow along in the workouts set out for the class on a monthly basis. These are going to be 4 week programs where you will learn strength and power training and receive strict instruction so that mobility, and functionality are not compromised, and your safety is always maintained.

Our Rates

  • 12 Month Performance Coach
  • $149.99/mo
  • Unlimited Coaching
  • 6 Month Performance Coach
  • $229.99/mo
  • Unlimited Coaching
  • 3 Month Performance Coach
  • $314.99/mo
  • Unlimited Coaching

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