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It’s, “Get To Know Your Trainer Day…”

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In the past I’ve taken the time to spew some science and educate not just my clients but any of those that will listen out there in the internet world. I’ve spoken about principles and shopping for the right trainer, I’ve even gone as far as chatting about millennials and the downfall of society (as I sit here and chuckle at the ridiculousness of that comment). Well today I think I will take a step back and introduce myself, my personal journey thus far and where I hope to end up some day.

As a lot of you know I didn’t actually start in this industry where I can help people pattern their minds and their bodies towards the positive. Although I almost went in this direction back when I was 26, I took a temporary position leaving university for a few weeks back to welding, the starving student excuse served me well of course, and ended coming back to school 10 years later. Looking back now I don’t regret not taking the honest leap when I had the chance, but mainly because I know that my mindset wasn’t there. You see, when it comes to taking these sort of leaps in life, they demand the courage to fail, because let’s face it, you’re going to fail a few times than naught. And I know now I wasn’t willing to fail, I was afraid to lose the money and the toys, and pampering myself, and everything that came with it.

Although failure, is the symbolic falling off the horse, and the old cowboy asking you if you’re going to get back on again. It means that even if there is a downturn in all aspects of your life, what are you going to do with your time to move forward again; what are you willing to do to get back on that horse. Will you use up that time to add some education, find a seminar, or simply start to read the things you love, to make you better at what you do?

Well in my case I like things the hard way I think, because I should’ve gone back to oil & gas to raise the money I needed to pay off school and probably re-enter school for a business education. Nope! I prefer to hustle and grind and try to find business where I can get it, and rest on my laurels when it came to my education. I was the rabbit, and never the turtle taking my time up the hill and learning along the way. Well, 6 years later and a few ups and downs, as any business should, including running my own facility which was awesome in my eyes but again still lacking success. At this point you may ask why I’m still grinding it out?

A major reason is my change in headspace, my mentality towards my business, my new family and my need to hustle. Now I understand the word ‘hustle,’ as it’s used when it comes to building a business. Mainly because entrepreneurs need to work twice as hard to make their paychecks in comparison to the regular joe clocking 40 hours. I’ve taken the time for continued education, put time to understanding different facets of training which I felt I’m missing, focusing once again on the client and building the systems around them to improve their experience with me.

I’ve looked at my assessments and included heart variability, conditioning, injury prevention, mobility testing and body composition. I consistently and continuously educate my clients to no end in regards to building milestones, for themselves as well as their families. I’ve actually gone back to my basics by increasing clientele and improving my personal training on an individual basis. I even created for the first time the Online Performance Coach. My way of being right next to you virtually on your smart device; programming, videos, assessments, and continuity for progress all at your fingertips and at the fraction of the price of personal training.

If there’s one thing that I’m really trying to improve is my level of communication and how I address my clients, putting forethought before action. But more importantly really listening to people, and actually becoming empathetic to the needs of the client. Hustling in my life means blocking time, working on 3 businesses, ensuring my clients are always taken care of, and more importantly holding my baby boy and my beautiful partner. That’s right; we can work as hard as we want on our businesses or careers but we’ll never gain on our road to success if we forget why we do it. Although I’ve found inspiration over and over again, the people that inspire me the most is my wife and my little man.

I was chatting with my lovely wife today and we were laughing about the fact that every time I’ve put my gym in someone else’s space, there’s been a fallout, whether I was collateral damage or a lack of integrity within a contract dispute. The thing is, everytime someone out there wanted to pull the rug from under me, I got back up stronger and hustled my way back much more successfully. That’s because as we say in Spanish, I’ve got “ganas.” I have the, ‘want,’ I also have the reason and the will.

This my friends is just my will to better myself, my clients, my passion for what I do, and my love for my family. If you want to get to know your trainer then this is me in a nutshell, I will always find the answer if I don’t know it, I surround myself with exceptional professionals to compliment my business as a service to my friends and clients alike. I focus on the assessments to plan out programming because it is the responsible manner of doing things. I always individualize as it is the professional in me and it is what the client requires.

But most importantly, I put my family first, and I can’t stop loving my partner and hugging my little man.

It is a pleasure to meet you all…

Franco Gomez  It's, "Get To Know Your Trainer Day..." IMG 1102Your Coach, Franco Gomez


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