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Being Present

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Being Present


This weekend I had an epiphany. I’ve come to the conclusion that although I feel I’m focused in my daily life, I’m not because I’ve not been present. Sometimes we go through our daily lives pushing a cart everyday, and everyday seems no different from any other. But there’s that nagging voice in the back of your head that repeats itself constantly, telling you to pay attention to the little things, or the person in front of you for that matter. By the way, that’s your conscience reminding you to be present. Ok so by this point you’re wondering how the hell is this health related?


Well, let’s break it down together. If you head to the gym daily, and do your hour of training and somewhat follow a program, and somewhat pay attention to the exercises, and somewhat pay attention to the females or males around you, and somewhat push yourself, etc, etc. I promise you, you will somewhat fail in attaining anything. Let’s refocus this subject and see if we can’t realize our potential together. Understanding how to be present in your daily life will improve drastically all facets of your daily routine so let’s see where presence is needed.


Being present when you’re at work will help you focus better to improve your performance, your responsibilities and tasks amongst your peers and coworkers. Presence of mind and body will improve your love of life, your relationships with those you care about and rebuild areas that need work. Remember that there is no reinvention or improvements within your own lives if you’re not present enough to realize what personal changes need to be made. On a personal note I realized this weekend that I was focusing on things that brought me no gusto, no benefit, no charm. I was a hamster spinning my wheels and it was my conscience that started to bother me, and remind me that there were things in my daily schedule that were being left unfinished. But the worst of this wasn’t that I was slowly leaving things undone and lacked presence of mind to continue and finish. Rather, I was forgetting about the most important person in my life and she really needed me to be present…


Lacking presence and not paying true attention to the ones you love sometimes will hurt them; they feel unappreciated, unnoticed, or worse, unloved. Of course this isn’t the case, but we fall into these little traps that push us off of our holistic journey, and squirrel! See, I just did it again. Pay attention to your cooking, you’ll learn to love it. Pay attention to your loved ones, they will feel loved and appreciated and part of you. And pay attention to your health, from the gym, to the kitchen, and of course never forget the bedroom. That’s right! Be present in the bedroom, your significant other will love you for it, and combine it with a great sleep and you will achieve a holistic presence.


So let’s go back to the gym and revisit the scenario with presence. You have your program in hand, and you analyze the exercise, the sets, and the reps. You look at your last days notes and realize you can do a little more. There’s pretty girls, or boys walking past you and some may smile so be a gentleman or lady and smile back. Then turn to your bar, you’re present now, you’re focused and whatever happened at the office that day or what you’re going to cook after your workout does not matter. All that matters is that the reps that approach,  will get you that much closer to where you want to be in your life. Your success in your life may be deemed by how many people you touch; how can you touch anyone if you’re not present. Until next time; be present, and stay healthy my friends…

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