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Being Present

Being Present


This weekend I had an epiphany. I’ve come to the conclusion that although I feel I’m focused in my daily life, I’m not because I’ve not been present. Sometimes we go through our daily lives pushing a cart everyday, and everyday seems no different from any other. But there’s that nagging voice in the back of your head that repeats itself constantly, telling you to pay attention to the little things, or the person in front of you for that matter. By the way, that’s your conscience reminding you to be present. Ok so by this point you’re wondering how the hell is this health related?


Well, let’s break it down together. If you head to the gym daily, and do your hour of training and somewhat follow a program, and somewhat pay attention to the exercises, and somewhat pay attention to the females or males around you, and somewhat push yourself, etc, etc. I promise you, you will somewhat fail in attaining anything. Let’s refocus this subject and see if we can’t realize our potential together. Understanding how to be present in your daily life will improve drastically all facets of your daily routine so let’s see where presence is needed.


Being present when you’re at work will help you focus better to improve your performance, your responsibilities and tasks amongst your peers and coworkers. Presence of mind and body will improve your love of life, your relationships with those you care about and rebuild areas that need work. Remember that there is no reinvention or improvements within your own lives if you’re not present enough to realize what personal changes need to be made. On a personal note I realized this weekend that I was focusing on things that brought me no gusto, no benefit, no charm. I was a hamster spinning my wheels and it was my conscience that started to bother me, and remind me that there were things in my daily schedule that were being left unfinished. But the worst of this wasn’t that I was slowly leaving things undone and lacked presence of mind to continue and finish. Rather, I was forgetting about the most important person in my life and she really needed me to be present…


Lacking presence and not paying true attention to the ones you love sometimes will hurt them; they feel unappreciated, unnoticed, or worse, unloved. Of course this isn’t the case, but we fall into these little traps that push us off of our holistic journey, and squirrel! See, I just did it again. Pay attention to your cooking, you’ll learn to love it. Pay attention to your loved ones, they will feel loved and appreciated and part of you. And pay attention to your health, from the gym, to the kitchen, and of course never forget the bedroom. That’s right! Be present in the bedroom, your significant other will love you for it, and combine it with a great sleep and you will achieve a holistic presence.


So let’s go back to the gym and revisit the scenario with presence. You have your program in hand, and you analyze the exercise, the sets, and the reps. You look at your last days notes and realize you can do a little more. There’s pretty girls, or boys walking past you and some may smile so be a gentleman or lady and smile back. Then turn to your bar, you’re present now, you’re focused and whatever happened at the office that day or what you’re going to cook after your workout does not matter. All that matters is that the reps that approach,  will get you that much closer to where you want to be in your life. Your success in your life may be deemed by how many people you touch; how can you touch anyone if you’re not present. Until next time; be present, and stay healthy my friends…

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Are goals the basis for assessments? Or assessments the basis to your goals?

350755_Vitruvian-robot-tattoo_620 are goals the basis for assessments? or assessments the basis to your goals? Are goals the basis for assessments? Or assessments the basis to your goals? 350755 Vitruvian robot tattoo 620Recently this past weekend I was privy to doing my Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certification Level 1 and 2, and being amongst my peers was not only fun but very inspirational. I looked around the room with such admiration at the variety of education and backgrounds all coming together to learn what it takes to help people move better, move often, and just simply move. As most of those who know me, know that my motto is ‘Performance is for Life.’ I always iterate that performance is not just at the elite level but rather in all walks of life! What people don’t understand in this day and age though is that performance at all levels will fail you if you’re not moving properly.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a long white smock as you’re building your first Robot! Think of it’s brain as a computer and it’s body is a steel mechanism of moving parts. This robot is run electrically through the wiring from signals sent from the computer to move the robot’s joints and parts. The computer sends signals to keep the joints oiled and lubricated so that the robot learns to move freely with out obstructions, creaking, or the steel body binding. The computer learns motor patterns so that the robot can move efficiently, and effectively within its tasks. But more importantly, the robot now begins to understand movement as it’s artificial intelligence continues to learn all the patterns necessary to strive in this world.

Ok now take that robot which you just took the time to teach movement within the span of it’s short life, and sit him in a chair for 8 to 10 hours a day. Now you’re noticing the robot is a little slower at moving and there’s a little more steel sounding movements due to the oil in the joints drying up and collecting dust. The robot’s body isn’t looking very shiny anymore, and instead starting to collect the odd rusty specs of dust here and there. Also because of the lack of usage you find that for some reason the wiring from the computer isn’t firing signals fast enough or none at all and the steel in the joints are starting to bind a little so the robot isn’t moving very efficiently throughout it’s daily tasks.

You wonder and study the problems and you try rewiring, and you reset the computer and nothing seems to be happening; you’ve broken the robot… The human body spent the first half of it’s existence or more moving. As you’ve heard before we were hunters, gatherers, warriors, etc. and for this last third of human history we’ve become more and more sedentary. Our careers demand hours and hours of sitting around in front of the computer typing, mouse surfing, reading and all other wonderful things that our borne of our jobs. We are now that broken robot but the difference is we are slowly learning how to reset that computer, we are learning mobility drills, flexibility exercises, myofascial release, and so many other fantastic techniques that are putting us back together. Unfortunately in this society We just have to want to move more then wanting to move at any cost!

Lately we’ve been living in the world of low attention spans and high regard for social media and all the poisonous fruit that comes off that tree. Things like 30 day challenges that push the metabolic envelope to sickness, promises of beautiful bodies at the cost of your health and general mobility and let’s not get started on the nutrition fads; that’s a Blog in itself! I was once asked by a very important man from a company I was working at if I just took down people’s goals and built programs for them to work on. I just gave him a blank stare and told him that goals are secondary to me if the people can’t move properly. I need to see how they move and find out what weaknesses lie within and why. I need to see people’s asymmetries and distinguish what sort of corrective exercises need to be applied and how, I also need to assess their strengths so that I can formulate a few of their goals into a program as well to compliment the fixes needed to move better.

This is why I felt that the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) was an important tool to add to my arsenal, and this is why I still feel that those 7 simple movements in the screen can tell so much about a person and what lies within. This past weekend working with friends and colleagues just reaffirmed that I’m on the right path. Clients don’t need to lose 50lbs tomorrow, they need to lose 50lbs intelligently through a program that incorporates their strengths, considers their asymmetrical issues, compliments their weaknesses but still is able to challenge them physically. I always say, ‘do the exercise right and not only will it be harder but will also make you stronger.’ The fitness world is starting to follow in the elite footsteps and move towards function and specificity, and I believe that the the Functional Movement Screen is a great starting block in assessing a client, so that they can get to their goals in healthy fashion. Well friends, I hope I was able to open your eyes like mine were this past weekend; and now for my next assessment; stay functional (healthy) my friends…