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Where We’re Headed Now

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Hey Folks
Ok so I have been a little quiet again, the holidays are around the bend and things are busy with my work in town and up north. I’ve got a trainer down, my little Chelsea May is still healing up, but I gained a new fellow Ron Luciuk who’s taken the reins quite nicely. Bill Stevenson is still plugging away downtown at the Chinese Cultural Centre trying to make it grow and I’ve been building the gym in our downstairs where I’ve been greeting our new youth athletes, 3 so far and slowly growing. If it keeps up I’ll have to leave my northern job!

On another note our website is going through some revamping for the new year, starting with us going back to www.cogofitness.com, and we’re working on getting a new online training platform which will allow training and all the quality and experience we bring without the monthly cost that goes with personal training.

We will be promoting our New Years Limited Offers as gift certificates for you and your friends to attract some new clients starting with our biggest referral yet. For all of our existing clients; bring a friend that signs up for 6months 3x/week, you each get the bootcamps for $120/month! That means we will discount your classes accordingly to match the $120/month for 6 months!!

Our January/February pricing for a 1 MONTH TRIAL is now $65 for all NEW members! come check out our Accelerated training Classes for 1 Month, and see how much you will enjoy us.

This is your opportunity to join a preprogrammed, progressive style of training that incorporates movement and core as the basis for SAFE equipment based training. We use barbells, bumper plates, Kettlebells, TRX, plyo-boxes, Dumb Bells, and much more!

Don’t be shy, today is the first day to be a better you. I hope to see you all soon, until then;

Stay healthy my friends…






Simple Rules To Programming

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Simple Rules To Programming

Interesting isn’t it but with the inundation of workout fads, DVD’s, magazines, phone apps and philosophies it’s hard to understand why it’s still not a simple task for the general population to figure out a program. Ok so everyone wants the secret to the six pack, or those elusive wonderfully tight glutes, and even a pair of great biceps!

The reality is that in this article you will get a little of what COGO Fitness + Performance’ training philosophy is and for those that want a hand learning a little about how to program on your own. Before I start I want to dispel a few things that people constantly use in training and where we at COGO differ. Generally people like to train body parts where we prefer to train movement. People train core with crunches, sit ups or V-twists we prefer planks, anti-rotational cable work, or hip dominated med ball work as a few examples. The reason we stay away from specific body part training is because the human body doesn’t move in one plane rather many planes of motion. Also to add insult to injury (no pun intended) working one body part at a time generally causes imbalances in muscles and joints that lead to overuse injuries such as tendonitis, crepitus, impingements or joint ruptures.

Ok ladies and gentlemen, here are a few rules we use at COGO Fitness + Performance to program for you, but more so influenced by how a body moves, and the technique necessary for this movement:

1. Big muscles before small muscles, for example back, chest, or legs come before your biceps, triceps, or calves
2. Joint mobility/stability (depending on the joint), core stability and muscular strength and flexibility, which means full range of motion in all movements.
3. CORE, CORE, CORE, CORE and stop doing CRUNCHES!!!
4. Hip hinge movements such as squats, deadlifts, reverse lunges, etc.
5. Knee stability such as a split squat
6. Vertical push or pull such as shoulder press, single arm kettlebell press, pull ups, or different pull down variations.
7. Horizontal push and pull, like a bench press, or cable row
8. All upper body push/pull variations vertical or horizontal must be led with a scapular retraction or in layman terms, squeeze those shoulder blades low.

Well there you have it, turn some of those workouts into a superset, and you now know our secrets, or do you? the hard truth is there’s obviously more to this depending on mobility issues, sport specifics, or simply what your goals are that you want to achieve. In the mean time I hope that this might be a good start to learning how to program, rather than running your old high school program for the guys or being so confused in the gym that you run to the nearest Zumba class for the ladies. We at COGO Fitness want you to ask as many questions as you can because the more we teach the more education you’ll want; we don’t benefit from keeping secrets rather we benefit from sharing what we know. Remember that performance is for life and in the mean time;

Stay healthy my friends…

Franco Gomez