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Welcome to 2018

The 2017 year has come and gone and we’ve all seen the highs and lows. The question is did you learn just as much from either of those experiences? Welcome to 2018 and let me recap some of the great moments I was privy to in 2017. COGO Fitness + Performance celebrated its 6th year in business and what a steep climb it has been. The difference though, this last year I was honoured to have worked with special populations. I got to work in a great clinic with some wonderful clients that gave me the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and experiences as well as learn new technologies that are here to help neuroscience.

I also worked on adding a new conditioning coaching certification under Joel Jamieson at 8WeeksOut. I was also invited to a great workshop within the same certification where I met some very interesting coaches from around the world and learned a ton about myself, my business, and my dreams; this also gave my wife and son an opportunity to join me on a family road trip, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love road trips. I also began my Precision Nutrition Coaching level 1 course which I hope to finish in the next few months; I’d gladly recommend it to all of my colleagues in the industry. I’ve added all of this continuing education in hopes to bring more value to my clients, personal and online. On that note I’ve started to grow my online training, I can’t speak enough of my online clients as I see some real perseverance, I tip my hat to you all followed by a big internet hug.

As I welcome 2018, I think back to 2017 bringing me the greatest birthday present a father could ask for, the birth of my son. We share a birthday, smiles and facial expressions, more importantly I feel we share the same silly sense of humour. I work harder and laugh more because he’s in my life, and what can I say, having the love of my life at my side helps me get up in the mornings and want more for the both of them. I find that 2017 has helped me become more imaginative in my craft once again. Keeping with my philosophy on training but opening doors to so many facets of training to try and improve my clients health with the help of science. With the recent holiday trip I was able to introduce my son to my parents which was huge since we live continents apart, nonetheless, being back in Chile over the holidays with my wife and son, and meeting new family was a beautiful experience I believe will be cherished for the rest of our lives.

I decided to put a different spin on accountability within my profession and clients this last year, I feel that my industry falls short because we are so bent out of shape when it comes to only training and what we eat. Unfortunately science tells us differently and learning from some great mentors I went back to the books and began relearning my schooling. Aside that, I truly feel that we aren’t actionable enough when it comes to laying down the roadmap for our clients and it goes beyond exercise and food. If you allow me a moment on my soapbox; you’re just not digging deep enough into why your clients can’t stay accountable. Well we’ll leave that for another day, for now let’s keep reminiscing on 2017 and see how COGO Fitness + Performance is going to improve in 2018!

I can tell you that one improvement this year is going to start with the inception of Versa Movement Collective, a new company and incredible project that I’m working on with some fantastic health professionals who I now call friends. You can find us on all social platforms and at www.versamc.com to find out more about us. This is the company which will stop separating our professions individually, rather we bring forth a holistic approach to an individual’s improvements in their respective sport or general lifestyle. At the moment we’re specializing in golf as well as long distance runners due to two of our team’s professionals, but as we grow we would like to invite top professionals from all sport disciplines. For now we are working towards finding a facility, continue our VMC Education videos on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to add a little knowledge to those interested in adding to their programs; and mainly starting to create the buzz that there’s a new Sheriff in town.

2017 was about building foundations and education from school, mentorships, workshops, etc. I’d like to take a small moment to give thanks to a very special friend of mine, a mentor, and part owner of BioPod (please checkout this product, it is at the forefront of ecosystem technology). He flies in from all over the world to impart business wisdom where he can, and I believe it has made me a better business owner, friend, father and husband. I’d love to thank my wife for putting up with me working from home as she is on Mat leave, in my underwear at times, and my moods, as well as the odd pot shot from the cheap seats. What I’m truly thankful for, is that I get to see my little monster man grow up while I work from home.

2017 helped me to mold values into my company. My love for what I do and my love for my clients past and present, is beginning to define itself in what I do, my training and my approach to how I treat others. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself, do you want to be loved and respected by someone that puts so much time into your health, or do you want to simply workout. I personally feel that 2018 is the year where developing long lasting relationships will not only sustain my business as well as my life, but also grow substantially in regards to understanding my surroundings and the people in it. I’ll stop there, but with open arms I’d like to welcome you all to 2018, let’s leave the resolutions aside and become resolute towards the things and those we love the most.

Hey 2018! Stay healthy my friends…

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Your Coach, Franco Gomez





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Oh, What A Year…


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Oh, What a Year!

Well the end of the year is here and with it comes the snow, and the drivers and the shopping and all the festive activities that bring a little insanity to our lives. This year I’m not going to quote recipe books or the latest diet, I’m not going to tell you that the new year is approaching and I have a fitness deal in the horizon (which I do). Instead I thought I’d talk about a great year I had with possibly more downs then ups, yet my focus never fails on the things that are important to the people you love and the career path I chose to follow. COGO Fitness has hit every wall on the way to find a home for my wonderful clients and friends this past year. Just when you think we found a home, we hit an unsuspecting glitch; with four locations in just over a year.

Alright, I know you’re thinking that may have sounded a bit negative regardless if it’s true, so let’s start over and reflect with gratitude instead.

This end of year let’s look back on the year we’ve had. My ups and downs with this company do not necessarily mean I’ve lost sight of what I want for COGO Fitness, or for my clients and friends. What I have lost sight of though in all the confusion this year was who COGO Fitness is, or what I want for for COGO Fitness? Understanding this, is where I can begin to niche myself in our new facility, and offering the services that I feel will help grow this company to the next level.

First off let me say that in the past six years I’ve enjoyed training all the clients that have come through my door. But to be honest to my own self, I’ve especially loved training youth athletes. I believe my passion for training athletes is what’s made me a better trainer with the general population. My constant learning of a new mobility drill, or training movements that offer pain relief and strength to older populations are just the little things that scratch the surface. My emphasis on joint preservation and managing risk to rewards all comes from training athletes. I’d say that this avenue in my life makes me grateful for those young faces that have stepped foot through my doors as they made a better trainer out of me throughout every session.

In the new facility, I’ve chosen to continue with my classes, but there will be changes in where I’m headed for the future. I decided it’s time to be that stepping stone for youth athletes before they hit college or possibly the bigs. I think to myself, why not work really hard to build around the very thing that gets you up in the morning. This year I was proud to train my rugby player, my downhill slalom racer, and a CAN-AM competitor with the police who by the way blew the doors off in competition by surpassing every goal we set for her. I got to work with FEMSPORT competitors and see them medal in an ever growing community of strong women. And I’ve now started to push forward with my Online Performance Training, slowly getting it off the ground for clients across Canada.

Here’s the thing though, you may think those are many disciplines and why not stick to just one? Well, what I love most is getting lost in research for every discipline. Every discipline demands their own programming, exercise selection, recovery, periodization, and functionality of movement in regards to the sport; I just got excited just saying that mouthful! Finally, just to add to those disciplines I’m hoping to join the Alberta Weightlifting Association this year as I will be starting my A.P.E. WC which is the Athletic Performance Evolution Weightlifting Club in Calgary. This project has been sitting on the burner for a couple years and with the new facility, it’s an exciting time in my company. It also sounds like we may have a few interested parties to join our little club and see if it grows from there, now that is something I’m thankful for.

Last but not least, I’m grateful for the beautiful woman that stands next to me everyday. She trains with me sometimes, and always has advice or a hand to lend when I need it. She keeps me honest, and she’s proud of me and she’s my Nat. Now she carries our little bundle of love that’s due in March right around my birthday; how could I ask for more, my family is about to get bigger, which means more love in our house.

The COGO Fitness + Performance community like my family was built with love first, how we feel, how we perform, how we motivate and inspire are all by products of hard work. But it comes from a foundation of gratitude and love. This year I want to thank all of you who were part of my 2016 journey, I apologize for the inconveniences along the way and I hope to see you all in 2017 even if it’s to checkout the new facility and say hello. I can’t promise there might not be pitfalls along the way, but I can promise you this; you’ll always have a home to train in with me, and even though I’m a little hard or tough on you at times, please know it comes from a place of love.

Stay healthy my friends… and have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!