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Why Train Clients Online?

It’s interesting to see how the world has changed, and more so how we’ve achieved such a digital impact in our lives. When asked, “why train clients online?” The answer is really a no brainer. We now live in the digital era, if we’re not on our phones, our ipads, or in front of the television, I feel we may be lost. Unplugging seems foreign to us since our lives are carried in a smart device in our pockets every day, and everything we need to find is at our fingertips. These days we can find reputable courses online, I know, I’m finishing one through Joel Jamieson on Bioforce Coaching Conditioning, and then finishing my Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, and after that I will do my NSCA-CPT. Online training just seems like the viable step forward.

These of course are just examples of what’s offered to trainers let alone what’s out there for different demographics or disciplines. The days of sitting in class to continue your education are slowly starting to become less and less. Now hold on! I’m not saying that they will disappear entirely, I think that there is a large need for classes, just on the experience alone. I’m just saying that we are witness to a new era which takes advantage of this wonderful digital era. It’s fantastic to see the exponential amount of data that can be taught online. I don’t have to go buy a cookbook on italian cooking when I can find a recipe in seconds on my phone. Also a major factor that has helped both the buyers and sellers is drastic price drops due to the lack of overhead.

When considering that the average personal training session costs $65 – $85, in comparison to online training which averages between $150 – $350/month. This avenue just seems the logical direction for clients when considering training especially in this day’s economy. Remember though that when it comes to training there is always a value that’s put on the table. Just because I train clients online does not mean that all they get is a program for the month and see ya later! Absolutely not.

There are nuances to creating the online experience, The program has to fit their assessment, there are quarterly milestones to meet, their daily work and life schedule needs to be considered for stresses. I have to know how they eat on the regular, I need to know if they had a surgical procedure, or if they’re weekend warriors and had an accident and modifications are need to be placed in their program. I have to have video links in place for each exercise, I also need to have a program description and notes so that they understand how to work single sets, supersets, tri sets, etc. I also need to place a weekly communication system with all of my clients so that they can let me know what they’re experiencing throughout the program, positive or negative.

Remember that any type of training out there is simply answering questions or solving a problem. “I am a hunter and I run out of steam on my hunts.” “my son made the Colts as a linebacker, and the coach mentioned he needs to improve his speed and power for the season.” “I am a mom of 3, I have a membership at big box gym, and I want to learn how to use the weights…” My favourite of course is,”I want a trainer but I can’t afford afford $70/session!” As you can see, you can plug me in as an answer in each of these individuals lives as their online trainer. And to be honest these are true examples of past clients.

The truth about these clients lies deeper than just the superficial need though. I don’t just get plugged into their lives as a service because they just need a trainer. The hunter wants to feel strong for his family again, he wants to feel confident in his 40’s in front of a mirror. The linebacker needs confidence and sport specific aggression, he wants to be mentally tough and be able to take hits mentally and physically. The mom wants to lose weight, she wants to get strong and sexy, and she wants to outlast her 3 boys at play time. And of course my favourite was the odd student I get, she wants to keep things affordable and learn how to train.

That’s right, just on the comparison above and value proposition for services, online training became popular with me because the online training experience could be just as valuable as the personal training experience at a fraction of the cost. Of course there’s more to it then just cost, you also have to consider your schedules. I have a certain hour window that I work in due to the fact that I want to spend time with my family, especially my little monster man before he goes to bed. Therefore there are times that my clients won’t be able to see me, aside the odd exception if it’s just an assessment. Or better yet how about when my clients or even I go on a vacation. If I go, then I reach out to the trainer my clients and I trust, if the clients go on vacation, they’re on their own.

Finally my favourite which is attached to value, is the individualization of programming and support. We don’t build cookie cutters! We build templates though and that’s because it helps us program much more efficiently and in a timely fashion. If you can build a program within 15mins then you’re doing great; don’t forget that’s one client, now add 20 more and look at the time you’ve spent programming. As a trainer I like the idea that I can solve problems, I don’t just count reps, I try to understand my client from within so that their program not only improves their lives but also compliments it.

To say that I care about each client individually is an understatement; I love my clients. I get to know their families, see their kids grow up, I experience the highs and lows. And when a bad economy says goodbye to some, they extend their hellos via social media to congratulate me on the birth of my son. They are no longer my clients, rather they are my friends, with an open invite to their cabin in British Columbia. It’s that little device in your pocket that connects you to the world, old friends, lost loves, science, history, recipes, education, etc. Online training is here to stay, it brings people together, it educates, which is my number one goal, and you get to keep me in your pocket at all times. So, why train clients online? The cost is minimal, and the value and benefits are endless. If you’re curious about online training and have lots of questions for me, feel free to contact me
franco@cogofitness.com or go to my contact page.
Until we meet in the matrix;

Stay healthy my friends…
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Your Coach, Franco Gomez





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Oh, What A Year…


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Oh, What a Year!

Well the end of the year is here and with it comes the snow, and the drivers and the shopping and all the festive activities that bring a little insanity to our lives. This year I’m not going to quote recipe books or the latest diet, I’m not going to tell you that the new year is approaching and I have a fitness deal in the horizon (which I do). Instead I thought I’d talk about a great year I had with possibly more downs then ups, yet my focus never fails on the things that are important to the people you love and the career path I chose to follow. COGO Fitness has hit every wall on the way to find a home for my wonderful clients and friends this past year. Just when you think we found a home, we hit an unsuspecting glitch; with four locations in just over a year.

Alright, I know you’re thinking that may have sounded a bit negative regardless if it’s true, so let’s start over and reflect with gratitude instead.

This end of year let’s look back on the year we’ve had. My ups and downs with this company do not necessarily mean I’ve lost sight of what I want for COGO Fitness, or for my clients and friends. What I have lost sight of though in all the confusion this year was who COGO Fitness is, or what I want for for COGO Fitness? Understanding this, is where I can begin to niche myself in our new facility, and offering the services that I feel will help grow this company to the next level.

First off let me say that in the past six years I’ve enjoyed training all the clients that have come through my door. But to be honest to my own self, I’ve especially loved training youth athletes. I believe my passion for training athletes is what’s made me a better trainer with the general population. My constant learning of a new mobility drill, or training movements that offer pain relief and strength to older populations are just the little things that scratch the surface. My emphasis on joint preservation and managing risk to rewards all comes from training athletes. I’d say that this avenue in my life makes me grateful for those young faces that have stepped foot through my doors as they made a better trainer out of me throughout every session.

In the new facility, I’ve chosen to continue with my classes, but there will be changes in where I’m headed for the future. I decided it’s time to be that stepping stone for youth athletes before they hit college or possibly the bigs. I think to myself, why not work really hard to build around the very thing that gets you up in the morning. This year I was proud to train my rugby player, my downhill slalom racer, and a CAN-AM competitor with the police who by the way blew the doors off in competition by surpassing every goal we set for her. I got to work with FEMSPORT competitors and see them medal in an ever growing community of strong women. And I’ve now started to push forward with my Online Performance Training, slowly getting it off the ground for clients across Canada.

Here’s the thing though, you may think those are many disciplines and why not stick to just one? Well, what I love most is getting lost in research for every discipline. Every discipline demands their own programming, exercise selection, recovery, periodization, and functionality of movement in regards to the sport; I just got excited just saying that mouthful! Finally, just to add to those disciplines I’m hoping to join the Alberta Weightlifting Association this year as I will be starting my A.P.E. WC which is the Athletic Performance Evolution Weightlifting Club in Calgary. This project has been sitting on the burner for a couple years and with the new facility, it’s an exciting time in my company. It also sounds like we may have a few interested parties to join our little club and see if it grows from there, now that is something I’m thankful for.

Last but not least, I’m grateful for the beautiful woman that stands next to me everyday. She trains with me sometimes, and always has advice or a hand to lend when I need it. She keeps me honest, and she’s proud of me and she’s my Nat. Now she carries our little bundle of love that’s due in March right around my birthday; how could I ask for more, my family is about to get bigger, which means more love in our house.

The COGO Fitness + Performance community like my family was built with love first, how we feel, how we perform, how we motivate and inspire are all by products of hard work. But it comes from a foundation of gratitude and love. This year I want to thank all of you who were part of my 2016 journey, I apologize for the inconveniences along the way and I hope to see you all in 2017 even if it’s to checkout the new facility and say hello. I can’t promise there might not be pitfalls along the way, but I can promise you this; you’ll always have a home to train in with me, and even though I’m a little hard or tough on you at times, please know it comes from a place of love.

Stay healthy my friends… and have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!